World Cup Fever

Admit it, this is the only reason to watch other teams

Right now you probably just heard the name Rinaldo. Most around the world caught on to this game called soccer about 80 years ago, however in the United States we’re just now catching a whiff of how much fun knocking balls in the grass really is.

Soccer’s had a sort of bitter-sweet love in our country with the help of Latin-American immigrants, soccer-moms, and guys that were just too damned awkward to play football.

So, why the sudden rush of blood towards our television heads? Some might say because we’re actually holding our own this time (we did tie Britain). And maybe they’re right. Italian-American communities are pouring out to see the Italian team play, Brazil is getting the same regard as always; “Aren’t they just pretty Mexicans?,” and even the French team is getting a little cheer…mostly from me but that’s because I have a lot of French heritage.

So World Cup Fever is sweeping across the United States, question is how long will it last and should it last beyond our next round-will it stabilize to become our international pass-time?

I’d rather think that we have two very nice reasons to start watching soccer, but I guess I’m just a pervert.


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