The problem with Facebook.

Facebook, we all have one. Whether you’re 60 and just learned that your Windows 98 desktop’s disk tray is not a cup holder or you’re using an iMac and are just 9 years old we all have one thing in common: A Facebook account.

The problem is that some horrible problem with ever online social networking site, people. Remember the days of Myspace? Where you could log in and see if your favorite online crush had commented your picture without having to worry about a 54 year old office worker was stalking you and calling you a “qt?” Yeah, me neither but that same problem started about a year ago with

What you probably didn’t know is that Facebook originally didn’t want you, they only wanted ivyleagues so that the creator (Mark Zuckerman) could stalk the hotties from Harvard. However as of today you apparently only need to be 7 years old with an Acer laptop and a bevy of “friends.”

So what’s the problem? It’s that users have followed the same patterns that they did with Myspace, becoming annoying and retarded. People using the like feature way too much, Farmville,Mafiawars, and no accountability for what they do. You end up with 5 billion invites for things you don’t want to be invited to, and 16 year olds posing in just enough to cover-up their itty bits who’ll call you a creeper when you see it on your News Feed. It’s fucking stupid.

I know your solution would be “well if you don’t like it-delete it.” Fuck that, and fuck you. I’ve been on Facebook for 5 years and I’ll be damned if I have to delete it due to it dumbing down and becoming a piece of shit networking site. However, the perks of it are that I get to be so self-serving and that I get to keep up with people I didn’t care about so much anyway.  But there’s more than just that, you also end up with some 17 year old’s party photos where you can plainly see either their crotch…or at least acknowledge the fact that you know they got raped-they just don’t remember it.

The humor is, of course, you getting to make fun of the “hotties” on your friends list.


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